Driveways (Martin County Permit Required)

Below are the guidelines for driveways. Please read and then complete the online application on the WindStone website. You will be submitting this online application directly to the WindStone ARC.


Who to contact at Martin County for Driveway Information:

Building Department 900 SE Ruhnke Street, Stuart, Florida 34994

Building Permits 772-288-5916

Inspections 772-288-5916


Driveway Guidelines


1. Driveways must be placed within parameters established by Martin County.


2. Pavers are the preferred surfacing material for all new driveways. Stamped and colored concrete driveways will be considered. Smooth/broom surface concrete, asphalt, and gravel driveways cannot be approved. Color should blend with the surrounding environment; both natural (vegetation and topography) as well as the built environment (other surrounding homes/structures)


3. If an existing driveway is not constructed of pavers, stamped and colored concrete, the existing material may be used for a proposed change if the change represents less than 50% of the current driveway surface area. If the change represents 50% or more of the driveway surface area, the driveway must be constructed of pavers or stamped and colored concrete which would include the existing section of the driveway.


4. All driveway shape change requests that include removal and revision of existing landscape that substantially and materially changes the appearance of the property must be accompanied by a full landscape plan completed by a licensed landscape architect. Please do not remove current landscaping including trees before submitting a plan, securing plan approval, and receiving notification from the ARC to remove existing landscaping. Any shrubs, plants, or trees approved for removal must be replaced in like kind and quantity at the minimum.


5. All driveways must have miter end culverts (per Martin County Public Works drawing TYPE 1:Miter Ends to facilitate proper WindStone drainage and the culvert ends must be encased in concrete and or concrete with approved decorative surface materials such as stone, stamped concrete. Culvert specifications are on the WindStone web site under Members/Documents/Culvert Specs link.


6. Circular driveways may be approved but are dependent upon lot circumstances such as septic tank placement and possible egress safety issues. As with all driveway submissions, circular driveways must include a full landscape plan completed by a licensed landscape architect. Because of the large surface area of circular driveways, there are additional landscaping requirements for circular driveways as follows:

• Hedge type shrubs that can mature into plantings must screen the surface of the driveway parallel

to the street.

• The driveway circular section must contain landscaping to screen the circular sections from the

street and from traffic in both directions.

• Two miter end culverts per Martin County Public Works drawing TYPE 1: Miter Ends


Driveway change to existing “Owner” home

Please complete and submit this on-line application








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Driveway plans can be digitized and attached or paper plans dropped off with an ARC member.  Please indicate how you wish to submit the plans:

 A member will contact me to make arrangements.

It is the responsibility of the WindStone Owner to secure a Contractor who is licensed and properly insured.


NOTE:  A Martin County Permit is required for driveway changes.  It is owner’s responsibility to secure a Martin County permit.

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