Painting (No Martin County Permit Required)

The ARC desire is to retain the unique individuality of WindStone’s custom homes while maintaining a cohesive and community-enhancing color palette. In order to maintain WindStone as a high quality and sought-after community, it is necessary to maintain a harmonious color theme, which coordinates the roof color, house body, trim, accent, and driveway color.

Below are the guidelines for repainting your WindStone Home. Please read the below guidelines and complete the online application on the WindStone website. You will be submitting this application online directly to the WindStone ARC.

Painting Guidelines


When selecting your exterior home colors, please be mindful of color coordination with roof, driveway, and surrounding homes. The architectural style and other attached decorative details of a home will also be considered as part of the approval process.


• Colors should blend with the surrounding environment; both natural (vegetation and topography) as well as the built environment (other

surrounding homes/structures)

• Colors should be harmonious with the overall aesthetic of WindStone

• Bright or vivid colors may not be approved

• Requests to repaint in existing colors shall be approved unless the ARC unanimously agrees that the existing colors are incongruous with the

property’s surroundings

• All paints selected for the exterior of the home must be of satin gloss/finish level or less (e.g., more matte); semi-gloss (or glossier) finish will not be



A minimum of two and up to three colors may be used for the exterior of a home:


1. Primary Color: Required; only one color may be used for the house body color.


2. Trim Color: Required; trim color is typically lighter than the house body color;

however, for lighter house body colors and/or certain architectural elements,

darker trim colors will be considered.


3. Accent Color: Optional; a single accent color may be used, if desired, for the

front door and/or shutters (including faux shutters). If not using a third accent

color, such elements shall be painted to match the house body/primary color or

trim color.


Other Painting Guidelines:


• No more than 3 colors per house---one body color, one trim color, and one accent color. Brick, stone, natural wood, or other contrasting-material accents

will NOT be counted in the color count.

• Walls are to be a continuous color except where a vertical trim element breaks the continuity of a wall, in which case the trim color may be used on the trim elements, or this vertical trim may be painted the primary/body color.

• Gutters must be the same color as the surface on which they are installed.

• Downspouts must be the same color of the surface on which they are installed.

• Please be cognizant of the roof and driveway colors in choosing house colors, as the ARC will consider these colors in the approval process.

• Proposed colors shall be noticeably different from at least four houses in any direction adjacent to/across from the applicant’s

• When applying for painting approval, the following shall be submitted:

o Recent photos of existing property, with all existing colors visible, inclusive

of driveway, roof, pavers, walkway, fence, etc.

o Recent photos of neighboring (adjacent & across) properties, to

demonstrate the proposed colors are noticeably different from those

surrounding the applicant’s

o Paint brand(s), color name(s), and color number(s) for all proposed color(s)


• The ARC may request an area of wall, up to four feet by four feet, to be painted with the proposed colors in order to more accurately envision the proposed change. Such area shall be visible from the street and must include driveway/walkway and roof within the field of view and shall include all proposed paint colors (primary/body, trim, and optional accent), including those which may not be changing from current selections, in a contiguous manner, in order to clearly demonstrate the cohesiveness of the proposed palette. If other material accents (such as brick, stone, wood, etc.) are also present on the house, the demonstration area shall be painted in a location where all elements may be viewed as contiguously as possible.

Painting change to existing “Owner” home

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NOTE:  A Martin County Permit is not required for your house painting.