Painting (No Martin County Permit Required)

As a canal/preserve based community, the colors that have been adopted

for WindStone are labeled  “earth tone colors”.

Below are the guidelines for repainting your WindStone home. Please read the below guidelines and then complete the online application that immediately follows these guidelines. You will be submitting this online application directly to the WindStone ARC.

Painting Guidelines


1. House body color. The finish must be flat, eggshell, or satin.   Only one color may be used for the house body.  Multi colored house body colors cannot be approved.  The following color ranges will be considered for approval.


• Whites/Off Whites/Cream Colors.

• Brown/Taupe Colors.

• Gray Colors.

• Select Yellows---yellows that tend to the cream tone and not bright, bold yellow colors.

• Light Greens---no dark or bold greens will be approved.


Teals, blues, pinks, salmon and pastel shades of colors are not in concert with the tone and character of WindStone and as such are not permitted for the house body color, trim color, or accent colors.


2. Trim colors.  The finish must be flat, eggshell or satin.  Trim colors should be lighter than house body color except when the house body color is white in which case the trim color should be a light color.


3. Accent Colors.  The finish must be flat, eggshell, or satin.  The following colors will be considered for approval.


• Brick reds.

• Black.

• Dark greens.

• Any of the trim colors or house body colors providing there is harmony of the color choices.

• Wood tone faux finish for garage doors and front doors.


4. Other Painting Guidelines


• No more than 3 colors per house---one body color, one trim color, and one accent color.  Brick, stone, or faux stone accents will NOT be counted in the total number of colors.


• Color theme must be in the earth tone theme with all sidewalls being a continuous color except where trim elements break the continuity of the sidewall, then an approved trim color can be employed on these sidewall trim elements or this trim can be painted the color of the sidewall.


• Semi-gloss and gloss finishes cannot be approved.


• Gutters must be the same color as the surface on which they are installed.


• Downspouts must be the same color of the surface on which they are installed.


• Houses with the same or similar colors/color themes within 4 houses cannot be approved.


• Please be cognizant of roof and driveway colors in choosing house colors, as the ARC will consider these colors in the approval process

Painting change to existing “Owner” home

Please complete and submit this on-line application







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Please note the ARC may need to see a color sample painted on the front of the house—3x3 sample of house body color on a wall facing the street and a trim sample and accent color along side.


NOTE:  A Martin County Permit is not required for your house painting.