Roofing (Martin County Permit Required)

Below are the roofing guidelines. Please read and then complete the online application on the WindStone website. You will be submitting this online application directly to the WindStone ARC.


Who to Contact in Martin County for Roofing Information:


Building Department 900 SE Ruhnke Street, Stuart, Florida 34994


Building Permits 772-288-5916


Inspections 772-288-5489


Reroofing of Existing Homes


Color should blend with the surrounding environment; both natural (vegetation and topography) as well as the built environment (other surrounding homes/structures).

The preferred roofing colors (solid or blends) are brown, beige, tan, gray, taupe and black. The color may not be replicated within 4 houses in all directions.


Key West Style homes with existing metal roof must reroof with metal roofing. * If the property owner wants to change from existing roof material (tile, metal or asphalt),

applications that have accompanying renderings by the roofing contractor and/or elevation drawings by a registered, AIA Florida architect will be considered. ** The

plans must include certification of harmony between the roof and the architectural style.


Allowed roofing materials:

· Cement and clay tile, flat or barrel

· Metal, 1.5” standing seam, 24 gauge or heavier, low sheen, gloss finish prohibited. Alternative styles, including those which simulate clay/slate tile may be considered in keeping with the opening paragraph above.


Existing Homes with Asphalt Roofs


If your current home has an asphalt roof, you may reroof with an asphalt roof, a metal roof (as outlined above) or a tile roof (as outlined above). If reroofing with asphalt, the

minimum standard is a 50-year high-definition shingle.




• Solar Panels (electrical generation and/or thermal absorber): Solar panels may be approved provided the panels and related equipment are cohesively integrated into the

roof plan, and the addition of such equipment is not incongruous with existing appearance and does not contribute to a disjointed aesthetic. Exterior, non-roof

mounted equipment, connections, wiring/tubing, etc., which may be attached to walls or mounted to ground structure shall be properly painted to match the surface on which it is installed or placed behind equipment walls as described in Article 9 of the Covenants as well as other areas in the guidelines.


• Lightning Rods: These devices shall be approved, provided they are compliant with Article 9 of the Covenants and are placed with sensitivity to the architectural design of

the property while meeting the desired efficacy of the devices. Where possible, materials should be painted to match the surface on which it is installed.


* Final determination of what constitutes a Key West Style will be based upon industry standards, and an outside review by a certified architect, if necessary.


** The WindStone ARC has sought out a local architect to refer property owners in such cases for a reasonable fee. Please contact the ARC for referral information.


Roofing change to existing “Owner” home

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It is the responsibility of the WindStone Owner to secure a Contractor who is licensed and properly insured.


NOTE:  A Martin County Permit is required for a new roof.  It is owner’s responsibility to secure a Martin County permit.